Making Financial Systems Accessible

By combining the best elements of decentralized finance with fundraising, CSP DAO offers a unique blockchain system designed to address fair investment rights.

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CSP DAO utilizes a decentralized approach to fundraising with dedicated marketing, development and research analysis.

We are community-driven and offer fair contribution rights to all investors. Our model gives equally shared allocation to NEBO token holders. We've tackled the gas war issue and it is now easy to invest in top projects with a capped allocation based on the number of NEBO tokens held.

The reach of CSP network goes way above anything the financial world has seen before. We support the projects we invest in by providing assistance with marketing, community growth, advisory along with access to our vast industry network and resources.


NEBO Token Utility

Token fundraising platform

Fundraising Platform

Access exclusive deals by holding NEBO tokens. A minimum of 100 tokens is required for the lowest tier.

Top Tier Projects

Top Tier Projects

CSP DAO is reputable for giving access to cutting-edge blockchain projects through early-stage funding rounds.

Fair Allocation Model

Fair Allocation Model

Our decentralized fundraising platform is the first to tackle the gas war issue and offer an innovative approach. A pro-rata allocation is offered based on the number of NEBO tokens held.

Community Incentive

Community Incentive

Our members get reward with NEBO tokens by participating in AMAs and supporting other members.

Ranking System



100 NEBO tokens required

Remaining part of the allocation



1000 NEBO tokens required

10% of deals allocation reserved equally among members



2500 NEBO tokens required

15% of deals allocation reserved equally among members



5000 NEBO tokens required

25% of deals allocation reserved equally among members


Senior Partner

10000 NEBO tokens required

50% of deals allocation reserved equally among members


Top10 Hodlers

Access to exclusive deals not available in other tiers

Voting rights for the future use of NEBO Reserve

Latest News


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To join CSP DAO, simply click on “Join CSPDAO” button, where you will be redirected to our CSP DAO - Lobby Telegram channel. Read and follow the pinned message inside the group for further instructions. It’s that simple!

Acquiring and holding NEBO tokens is the only way to access our fundraising platform. It’s primarily used to ensure our community receives fair access to our projects.

You can buy CSP DAO NEBO token from Uniswap. Click on “Get NEBO tokens” button or click on the following link:
Contract: 0x7f0c8B125040f707441cad9e5eD8a8408673b455
Decimals: 18

Gain access to deals by acquiring NEBO tokens and joining our fundraising platform. Minimum number of tokens needed in order to access the lowest tier is 100 NEBO tokens. Your level of access to deals depends on the number of NEBO tokens held as per table

Access Number of Tokens
Tier 1 - Intern 100+ NEBO Tokens
Tier 2 - Associate 1,000+ NEBO Tokens
Tier 3 - Principal 2,500+ NEBO Tokens
Tier 4 – Partner 5,000+ NEBO Tokens
Tier 5 – Senior Partner 10,000+ NEBO Tokens
Tier 6 – Top10 Hodlers Top 10 holders of NEBO Tokens

Each allocation will be equally reserved among members of the tier. EXAMPLE: If the allocation for a deal is $100k, $10k will be reserved for Associates, $15k for Principals, $25k for Partners and $50k for SeniorPartners. If we assume that there are 100 Associates, 50 Principals, 30 Partners and 20 SeniorPartners in the community, then:

• Each Associate can contribute up to $100
• Each Principal can contribute up to $300
• Each Partner can contribute up to $833.33
• Each Senior Partner can contribute up to $2500
• And $50K for Senior Partners and Top 10 Hodlers

Next, you need to join our community on Discord and connect the wallet holding your NEBO tokens with our bot so that you can be assigned to your according Tier.

  1. Go to #join-csp-dao channel on discord
  2. Interact with our bot by typing: !join
  3. The bot will send you a private message, open it
  4. The bot will then ask you to connect your wallet
  5. Connect your wallet with Metamask using the wallet which holds the NEBO tokens
  6. The bot will assign you a role according to how much NEBO tokens you have in that wallet